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As a company, we sold our first PV system in the mid 80‘s. Admittedly, it was probably our own,  but – hey – we had to start somewhere.

Since then, Truewest Solar has been in the business designing, and selling off-grid, and grid-tie systems to customers, worldwide. This tradition continued as we moved from Germany to Canada.

If you’re one of our customers, then we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for your business.

We ourselves have been living with off-grid systems - stationary and mobile - and later with grid-tied systems for most of our lives. We know from own experience what works, and what doesn’t.

When you decide to order from TWS, you're not just getting products we use ourselves, and believe in - you're getting support and tips from experts.

A solar grid-tie or off-grid system is for many of our customers an economic lifesaver during tough times. We know that and act accordingly.

TWS has a new address and phone number, as we moved from our off-grid location near Grasslands National Park where we have lived for the past 17 years, to a different location  some 50 km away where we going to have a grid-tie system.

Change is good!

Give us a call: Tel: 306 293 2220


Truewest Solar as a company, provides robust technology with a long operational history. We have very much “been there - and done that” in the world of renewable energy. When you contact Truewest Solar, you are working with people who know the market, and most important, “LIVE” with the products. All of us involved in the company take pride in what we do, and design systems that are carefully integrated into the specific application of the customer in question.

Having seen an explosion of competitors, over the recent years, jumping on the solar wagon trying to make  a fast buck from both in, and out of the province, we are dead serious, and committed to stay true to ourselves, and offer the best products at a reasonable, and fair price.


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