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Way back in the 80’s we sold our first system in Germany. Admittedly, it was probably our own,  but – hey – we had to start somewhere.

Since then, Truewest Solar has been designing and selling off and on grid systems, helping customers, worldwide, step by step. This tradition continued in  1999 as we made a move from Germany to Canada.

If you’re one of our customers, then we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for your business.

We ourselves have been living off grid stationary and mobile for most of our lives. We know from our experience what works and what doesn’t.

When you decide to order from us, you're not just getting products we ourselves use and believe in - you're getting support and tips from experts.

A solar grid-tie or off-grid system is for many of our customers an economic lifesaver during tough times. We know that and we act accordingly.

Read our opinions below  - and forgive us if we do not agree with everything what the text book say’s - and enjoy the slideshow

Opinions: Why Truewest Solar’s main focus is on independent OFF-GRID systems.

There are some fundamental differences between off-grid and grid tie applications. The only economic sense grid tied solar systems make, would be for the windfall in incentives. This you could say it’s a scam on the public and other utility rate payers. At least spread the incentives only among people who are paying for them like homeowners and small businesses and not like usual to huge solar and wind farms and their investors and banks.

Sure you can tell yourself, if they want to dump all this money into a hole you might as well get your share too and use it to promote solar. The fact remains: The best system you can put in, is an economical one that stands on its own two feet - and that means an off the grid system - a doesn’t matter how big or small. It is cost effective from day one  - when you compare it to the alternatives you have available standing on your property with no power line.

The average cost of electricity in Canada is now about 11 cents a kWh. Solar generated electricity has to be almost 8 times cheaper before it gets competitive for the grid-tie market. Sure, solar and wind energy are good for the environment - but  be practical - were not trying to replace fossil fuel’s - because it isn’t going to happen at our present cost.

If you love nature so much - move to it - and then guess what happens? Then - and only then, will solar energy be a intelligent and economical way to get your electricity, for at least the next 25 years. If you want to make a statement for solar on your house - buy the Canadian flag. It should stand for everything grid tie systems don’t.


Truewest Solar as a company, provides robust technology with a long operational history. We have very much “been there - and done that” in the world of renewable energy. When you contact Truewest Solar, you are working with people who know the market and most important, “we LIVE” with the products. All of us involved with the company take pride in what we do, and design systems that are carefully integrated into the specific application of the customer.

Having seen an explosion of competitors, over recent years, from both in and out of the province, we are dead serious and committed to stay true to ourselves, and offer the best products at a reasonable and fair price.


Quotes and Consulting Services
We provide free quotes - which is is a fixed price based on the system or the  products in question.

When receiving inquiries we are always happy to help. - but if requests are significant time consuming, we charge hourly rates for specific in-depth conversations which will cover research time into your green energy alternatives or travel costs to have a look at your location and situation. If you do business with us, this will be deducted from your invoice. 

If you wish to engage us for consulting time, please feel free to give us a call. (1) 306 - 298 - 2088 or email us at