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Solar Modules.

PV Modules are a basic building block in renewable electrical energy systems. A solar panel or PV module is an extremely reliable product with a life expectancy of well over 40 years. 

PV modules usually carry a 25 year warranty. Module costs represent around 20% of the total installed costs of a solar system.

Some solar panels are far from earning the “commodities” label, because lately manufacturers are “cutting corners.”  Degradation of the materials that hold the cells together, yellowing of the back sheets and leaking encapsulates are one of few examples.

So you better watch out! Too many consumers are focused on price rather than quality, service and long term usability.

In March 2013 we started to include Hanwah as our first Asian (Korean) brand. Hanwah solar modules sold through our supplier are highest quality, have a great price structure, and use German Q cells. They are manufactured in Ontario & Korea. With the  highest snow load rating available they are a first choice for Canada. (also sold under the HES brand).

There is more to solar after a first look. If you implement solar today, it can give you energy independence for the rest of your life.

For high quality PV modules from a dependable company please call us.

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