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It’s a Natural Thing

RV's (and boats) are naturally suited for solar, as they're already set up for 12 or 24 volt power.

Installing a solar system, benefits any motorhome - big or small. You want a system to charge your batteries, run onboard lights, pumps and everything else you need.

Installation is simple, and done in five straight forward steps and can be done over a weekend - even faster depending on your skills and help you have.

1.) Fasten solar module to the roof using the modular structure, Z mounting brackets, special ABS corner or spoiler brackets, or homemade L brackets.

2.) Mount the controller on an inside wall or by your power panel.

3.) Run the electrical wire down via a roof vent/opening to prevent drilling new holes.

4.) Connect the two wires (+ -) coming down from the panels to the charge controller.

5.) Run another two wires (+ - ) from the controller to the battery.

Finally: Fuse it - Use it.

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RV System info

Below our truck  is shown equipped with solar, in which we travelled worldwide for over a decade.

We have experience, and design RV packages and kits for every application.