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Saskpower and the 20% Rebate on Grid Tie Systems

The Net Metering Rebate is available to SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers until November 30, 2016.

Since the rest of Saskpower’s utility customers will  pay in the future for your installation, we wish you all  the best with the venture. Call us if you have any questions.


AIR Windturbines:

Primus Wind Power, located in Lakewood, Colorado, has purchased the entire AIR turbine product line from SWWP. Primus Wind Power is a division of the Primus Group, which is a provider of high complexity assemblies and components for the energy, aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

All business related to the AIR turbines is being handled by Primus, including all warranty issues with the Southwest Windpower units and all replacement parts..


Whisper Turbines

Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions of New Delhi, India took over Whisper, and will be manufacturing and selling the Whisper 200 and Whisper 500 product line. 

Luminous will provide all spare parts, and attend to warranty issues for all Whisper 200 and Whisper 500 turbines that they have sold. Luminous will also provide spare parts for all Whisper 200 and 500 turbines that are no longer covered by Southwest Windpower warranty. For the time being Southwest Windpower will continue to support valid warranty claims for Whisper 200 and Whisper 500 turbines sold prior to the Luminous transition. Unfortunately the Whisper 100 turbine will no longer be available for sale, but Southwest Windpower announced it will continue to support valid warranty claims.


New in our line of PV modules are Hanwah. These PV modules have been a popular choice for solar installations in Europe, Australia, South Africa, China, and NZ for many many years. The South Korean modules are supported by a 25-year warranty and are certified by TUV, CE, UL, and all CEC worldwide certifications; along with meeting all the strict Australian, Canadian and European quality and safety standards. Made in South Korea, Canada, South Africa, and Germany.

Consider the high quality 250 watt module a real steal and buy with confidence. The newest up date on PV prices are in this link with all the specifications: Current PV Prices


CHANGE! As many manufacturers have stopped making 12 volt modules or dropped out of PV manufacturing altogether, we've sifted through many options.

Our supplier has stock on a great selection on high quality 12V PV modules, including Canadian Certified C1D2 panels for hazardous locations, Canadian certified panels for code compliant residential - and at last non-certified panels for mobile applications which are the least expensive.


For all available consumer incentives in our Canadian provinces please visit the Cansia/ Government website, or just call us if you have any questions. We don’t guarantee that the third party links within the official websites work though... They might out dated.



Micro Inverter and central inverter Grid Tie Systems

Whether you need help with full system design, or just a competitively priced product - call us! As an grid tie application example: High quality Hanwah, Conergy or Sharp Solar panels are married with Enphase micro inverters, or with central inverters from Aurora Schneider, or Fronius to make up for a premium package. All you have to do is get it up, and an local electrician to do the hook up. We have great pricing on 460 watt - 12kW systems if you have an electrician of your choice at hand or can install the system or parts of it yourself.

Call us for a quote. (306) 298-2088.


RV, Boat, and small cabin packages

TWS has put together simple and reliable solar-sets for for one or two battery system applications. For motorhomes, campers, trailers, boats or small cabins who need less or more we do suggest custom designed systems which we will quote you and will fit your budget and your application. [more]    



For all your questions and inquires don’t hesitate to call us: (306 - 298 - 2088) or mail us @ info@truewest.ca

Thank You!

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